Jamaica – Do’s and Don’ts


General Information Guideline – What to Do & What Not to Do in Jamaica

Do’s and Don’ts in Jamaica:

Tourism is, without a doubt, the number one industry in Jamaica today. Jamaicans are extremely proud of their marvelous tradition of guest hospitality. They regard every single visitor to Jamaica as their special guest. We want your visit to be special, and we want you to leave Jamaica with fond memories, with an eagerness to come back again and again.

Remember, when you are away from home, no matter where you go, it makes good sense to take extra care to ensure that your journey is safe and pleasant. We’ve prepared suggestions to help make your stay in Jamaica as enjoyable as possible.

At the airport:


Use authorized pick-up points for rented cars, taxis and buses

Use authorized transportation services and representative


Pack valuables (cash, jewelry, etc.)

Leave baggage unattended

If you rent a car:


Use car rental companies licensed by the Jamaica Tourist Board

Ask for a map with directions to your destination before leaving the airport

Lock your car doors

Go to a service station or other well-lit public place if, while driving at night, you become lost or require assistance

Check your vehicle before heading out on the road each day. If problems develop, stop at the nearest service station and call to advise your car rental company. They will be happy to assist you.


Leave your car engine running unattended

Leave valuables in your car

Store valuables, luggage and packages in your trunk.

On the road:


Remember to drive on the left

Observe posted speed limits and traffic signs

Use your seat belts

Always beep your horn when approaching a blind corner on our narrow and winding country roads

Try to travel with a group at night.


Stop on dark roads or in secluded areas

Pick up hitch-hikers

While Shopping:


Carry your wallet discreetly

Use credit cards or traveler’s cheques for major purchases, if possible.


Carry your wallet, cash or other valuables in a rear pocket.

Display large amounts of cash when making simple purchases

In your hotel:


Store valuables in a safety deposit box

Report suspicious-looking persons or activity to hotel security or the front desk

Lock doors securely whenever you are in your room


Open your door without verifying your caller

Draw attention to yourself by displaying cash, jewelry or other valuables

Invite strangers into your room

Leave purses, wallets or keys unattended or our of sight when at the pool or on the beach


Please bear in mind that local police and resort patrol officers are easily identified by their uniforms. Members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force wear blue-striped shirts and black pants with red stripes down the side. The Island Special Constabulary Force officers wear the same uniform with blue stripes on their pants or a plain blue uniform. They wear badges and carry identification.


The use, sale or possession of drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, crack or any other controlled substance is illegal in Jamaica, and violators are subject to arrest, fines and imprisonment. If approached by someone trying to sell you drugs, firmly but politely say no.

Emergency Assistance:

Emergency Assistance
Call toll free …………… 0991-9999
Police ………………….. 119
Ambulance …………….. 119, 110
Fire …………………….. 110

There are eight visitor information booths on the island, conveniently located in Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Negril. Each one has radio contact with the police and with the Jamaica Tourist Board offices.

Security personnel and front desk managers at hotels are also able to offer assistance in an emergency.

Jamaica Tourist Board offices have personnel on hand to offer assistance when needed. Their offices are located in Montego Bay, Kingston and Port Antonio.

Popular Destinations in Jamaica:

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