Thailand Travel Guide

Travel Destination - Thailand


Thailand is located in the center of South East Asia. The South China Sea is on one side, the Andaman Sea and the Indian Ocean are to the Western side. Thailand shares borders with Burma to the West North-West, Laos to the North and East, Cambodia to the South-East and Malaysia to the South. The geography of Thailand, varies between the four regions, which are, North, North East, Central and South. Northern areas consist of forested mountains and fertile valleys.

The North East is known as I-saan and is mostly a flat unfertile plateau but is home to a rich and interesting culture. CentralThailand is known as the rice bowl, through which four rivers join to create the Chaopraya River, which in turn flows into the gulf of Thailand passing Bangkok along the way. The South of Thailand includes some of Thailand most spectacular scenery ranging from thick jungled mountains, beautiful tropical islands and bays dotted with limestone karst, which tower into the sky above clear blue seas.

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