Mozambique Tours and Vacations

Mozambique is a country in Africa for which the peoples need to be determined to travel to. Africa is known for its wildlife, tribes, dance, music, food and rich natural heritage. This country has 44% coastal lowlands that constitute beautiful beaches and marine tourist attractions. The fertile soil of this region provides it a rich vegetation, flora and fauna. The most striking features of this region are its population of 99.66% of tribal groups including Shangaan, Chokwe, Sena, Makua and Manyika.
The rich culture of Mazambique and its diverse way of life make it one of the most wonderful tourist destinations in the world. The customs of this country are deeply rooted in the culture of the local groups that is passed down generations.

Reason Why You Should Visit Mozambique:

Incredible Beaches And Islands

There are untamed islands and beaches that can be seen all across the sea-shores with a wonderful climate for marine adventure and beach parties. The local guides will be really helpful in navigating breathtaking sights and tourists can see spectacular and natural landmass. The private helicopters are available for the tourists that take them for an Ariel view of those fantastic beaches. The most attractive island are Bazaruto, Santa Carolina, Bangue, Benguerra, and Magaruque. These protected areas have coral gardens, whales, sharks, Dolphins, turtles, mantas and 2000 species of fish as well.

Multicultural Environment
There is an immense culture mix in the region as the region was a territory of clash among various cultures from Africa, China, India, and Portugal.
There is an immense culture mix in the region as the region was a territory of clash among various cultures from Africa, China, India, and Portugal. Africa has been an arena of cultural wars between Muslims, Egyptians, Tribal groups, and Christians from various countries but the modern outcome looks enchanting. Still, there are ancient sites that are very significant from the archaeological point of view.

Delicious Cuisines And Colorful Markets

The aggregation of multiple cultures has not only given birth to archaeological wonders but also to a rich palette of delicious cuisines.

Gorongosa National Park

The Gorongosa National Park is one of the most admirable attractions covering 4000 square km and an ideal place to visit and is an incredible habitation and ecosystem for wildlife species. Tourists can spend the night over Chitengo and see wild buffaloes, beasts and 500 species of birds. This safari camp is world famous.

Scuba Diving And Snorkeling

Mozambique is one of the best places for adventure and sports tourism and underwater activities. The Paradise Island offers a great experience of adventures such as scuba diving and swimming with sharks and marine species. Crystal clear water provides better visibility for experiencing underwater species.

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Popular Location: Maputo, Tsingy de Bemaraha, Bazaruto Archipelago, Pemba

Mozambique Tours and Vacations

Mozambique Tours and Vacations