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The tiny French-Dutch island of Saint-Martin, covering just 34 square miles, is nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

Much more than a beach-lover’s paradise, the island of Saint Martin is teeming with natural, cultural and human riches. Thanks to its climate and untouched natural heritage, the island offers unparalleled year-round watersports and outdoor activities.

The capital of duty-free shopping, St. Martin is also renowned for its friendly welcome, culinary delights and lively nightlife.

Saint Martin has its own unique identity, making it THE perfect sunshine getaway.

Come and discover Saint Martin, "The Friendly Island"...

The island of St. Martin sits at the heart of the Antilles Archipelago in the Northern Hemisphere, between the Tropic of Cancer and the Equator. More precisely, it lies towards the north of the Lesser Antilles, created when the Atlantic Plate slid under the Caribbean Plate to form the string of islands that includes St. Martin. Approximately 240km to the south east is the island of Guadeloupe.

Saint Martin faces out towards the Atlantic on its eastern side and is washed by the waters of the Caribbean Sea on the west coast. With a total surface area of 88km², the island is 15km long and 13km wide at its longest and widest points.

The island of St. Martin occupies a central position midway between Puerto Rico and Guadeloupe at the heart of the Caribbean Sea, and is the closest part of France to US shores.

St. Martin is a three-and-a-half-hour flight from New York, a two-and-a-half-hour flight from Miami (Florida), an hour and a half away from Caracas (Venezuela), and 45 minutes from the islands of Guadeloupe and Puerto Rico. The island lies at around 7,000km and eight flight hours from Europe.

Neighbouring islands include Anguilla, St Barts, Saba, Statia, Saint Kitts and Nevis.

Longitude : 63.5° West / Latitude : 18.5° North
Average elevation above sea level: 20 meters
Highest point : Pic Paradis at 424 meters

Saint Martin

Located in the northern part of the island, the French overseas collectivity of Saint-Martin has a total surface area of approximately 34 square miles.
The inhabitants are known as Saint Martiners.

Most of the island’s built-up areas are situated in its low-lying zones along the coast. The capital city is Marigot, where the “Hôtel de la collectivité”, prefecture and most of the collectivity’s administrative buildings and services are located. Other towns and districts include Grand Case, Colombier, Cul-de-Sac, Quartier d’Orléans, Nettle Bay and Terres Basses.


The Dutch part of the island, Sint-Maarten, covers a total surface area of around 34km². The inhabitants are known as Sint Maartiners. Located in the southern section of the island, St. Maarten was part of the Netherlands Antilles, a group of five islands that included Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba, Statia and St. Maarten.

On October 10th 2010 Sint Maarten became a country within the Dutch Kingdom. The Dutch government remains responsible for defence and international politics within this autonomous status. This change of status puts and end to the Netherland Antilles that were created in 1956.
Sint Maarten’s capital is Philipsburg, where the Parliament and most administrative buildings and services can be found. Other towns include Simpson Bay, Madame Estate, Cul de Sac, Dutch Quarter, Cole Bay, Oyster Pond, South Reward, St Peters, Pointe Blanche, Middle Region, Cay Hill, Upper Prince’s Quarter and Lower Prince’s Quarter. Sint Maarten’s built-up areas are mainly concentrated in low-lying zones along the coast, but are starting to spread into the hilly areas inland.

Did you know? There is no physical border between the French and Dutch territories and people and goods can travel freely between the two parts of the island.


The Island of St. Martin offers a wide choice of accommodation, from five star resorts to charming boutique hotels or authentic guest houses, each one with its own unique flavor and breathtaking location.

One is sure to find the location, style and atmosphere that suits him with a warm welcome rooted in the tradition of St. Martin's hospitality...

For nearly 30 years, the Hotel Association of St. Martin brings most of the hotels in St Martin together.  Professional, disciplined, eager to maintain the highest quality of its equipment and services, our hotels, whatever their size or style, will offer its guests the well-known Caribbean hospitality and kindness; which has always made St. Martin a welcoming land for its visitors.


St. Martin, island of turquoise waters...
It’s hardly surprising that water-based tourism is number-one on St. Martin when there is so much water to enjoy. St. Martin has something for everyone. Whether you’re here for the swimming, sunbathing, sports or simply to relax, there’s room for everyone to find their own little corner of paradise. The waters off the beaches of St. Martin are clear and warm and perfect for exploring the local marine life with a snorkel and mask. Watersports are by no means the only activities available on the island, but they are by far the most numerous. The weather, water and air temperature (averaging between 77° and 84°) and dependable trade winds provide ideal conditions for all types of watersports all year round.

St. Martin, on dry land...
St. Martin has shifted its focus to another type of tourism, that of well-being, sports and culture. Spearheading a number of promotional campaigns, Saint-Martin’s “natural riches” have become a mainstay of its tourist guides. Walks and horse rides, bicycle touring and quad bike trails are yet another way to discover this paradise island and return home with lasting memories of landscapes, historic sites, traditional buildings, history and encounters with locals.

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Best Season:Year-Round
Popular Location: Saint Martin, Sint Maarten

Saint Martin Vacations

Saint Martin Vacations

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