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The Federal Republic of Germany is located in Central Europe. It is bordered to the north by the North Sea, Denmark and the Baltic Sea; to the east by Poland and the Czech Republic; to the south by Austria and Switzerland; and to the west by France, Luxembourg, Belgium and The Netherlands.

The Bavarian Alps, which form a natural divide along the Austrian border, are great for skiing, hiking and canoeing. There are also a variety of spas here. Berlin, the capital city, is filled with sights like the Brandenburg Gate and Norman Foster-redesigned Reichstag. There is also the Berlin Wall Museum at Checkpoint Charlie, where people crossed between the east and west of the city during partition. Dresden is home to the resurrected Frauenkirche church, destroyed by firebombing but rebuilt to wonderful effect. Frankfurt is the country’s financial center and as such, has a notable number of skyscrapers for a European city. Heidelberg is famed for its riverside Philosophers’ Walk. The Rhine is one of the longest rivers in Europe. Visitors can take a cruise from Koblenz past fairytale castles, villages and the Lorelei Rock, home of a siren who lures boatmen to their demise.

The southern regions of Bavaria and Swabia share a culinary culture with Switzerland and Austria. Pork, beef and poultry are the main varieties of meat consumed in Germany. Throughout all regions, meat is often eaten in sausage form. Breakfast is usually a selection of breads and rolls with jam and honey or cold meats and cheese, sometimes accompanied by a boiled egg. Germany also has a place for international dishes in its daily eating habits. Italian dishes like pizza and pasta, Turkish and Arab dishes like Döner Kebab and falafel are well established, especially in bigger cities. The national alcoholic drink is beer. Beer varieties include Alt, Bock, Dunkel, Kölsch, Lager, Malzbier, Pils, and Weizenbier.

Frankfurt is Germany's major air transport hub. Berlin-Tegel is Berlin's international airport and Munich’s airport also receives international flights. Germany's rail network is operated by Deutsche Bahn. Although Germany is a year-round destination, most of the country has a temperate seasonal climate with warm summers and cold winters.

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Best Season:All Year Round
Popular Location: Berlin, Cologne, Dusseldurf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich & Nuremburg

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Germany Tours
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