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Whether you’re chasing cultural highs or pursuing nature’s pleasures, treading lightly or veering off the beaten path, there’s a good chance you’ll find what you’re looking for here. Sure, it may not be easy to find Slovenia on a map, but you’ll have a hard time finding a place so small offering so much. Everywhere and any time you go you’ll always run into something that reflects your unique taste and view of the world.

In the Heart of Europe

Where the Alps meet the Mediterranean and the Pannonian Plain meets the Karst, there is Slovenia. This small green country extends in the area of 20,273 km2. It is one of the countries with an exceptional number of top athletes and rich cultural creation. In Slovenia it is not difficult to compare the value of goods and services, as they are priced in one of the most important world currencies – in euros.


The identity of the Slovenian nation is inseparably connected with its culture and the Slovenian language. Explore the evidence of life in Slovenian lands dating back at least 60,000 years. Tumultuous history will reveal some of the oldest artifacts in the world.

Would you like to understand Slovenians and their identity? Explore in detail the possibilities offered by 100 festivals, over 50 museums and galleries, and about 30 institutions focusing on music and theater. See the remains of some of the hundreds of castles and manors. You will find it informative and fun.

Places to Visit

Traveling Slovenia’s cities and landscapes is nothing short of inspiring. You may end up climbing high mountain peaks or treating yourself to a day in one of the country's natural spas. At the heart of Slovenia make a stop in Ljubljana, the capital that will take you by surprise. Special adventures also await in Mediterranean Slovenia and in our world-famous underground caves. Culinary and cultural delights are yours for the taking, wherever you go.


Alpine Slovenia
Alpine Slovenia is a world of friendly and accessible mountains and hills. Hiking and biking trails take you across the Julian Alps, the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and the Pohorje Hills to the highest peaks, rivers, lakes and waterfalls. Winter sports enthusiasts can enjoy ski resorts. On the one hand, natural treasures of the highest peaks, green valleys and the most beautiful Slovenian lakes are protected by the fairy tale Goldhorn, while on the other, dome-shaped hills meet the town with the oldest vine in the world.

Ljubljana & Central Slovenia
Ljubljana & Central Slovenia are a great starting point to fall in love with Slovenia's special features. The capital, whose name sounds like beloved in Slovenian (Ljubljana–ljubljena), lives with a thousand faces of urban culture and art, festivals and events. It is joined with the marsh where the oldest wheel in the world was discovered. Green trails around Central Slovenia lead to places of UNESCO heritage of humanity and primeval forests.

Thermal Pannonian Slovenia
Thermal Pannonian Slovenia is an area of healing waters and the most beautiful paths to well-being. Numerous Slovenian natural health resorts are strung among sunny hills with vineyards. Authentic and hearty local cuisine is provided by welcoming farms. Imagination is stirred by experiences in castles and stories of one of the most powerful noble families in Europe.

Mediterranean & Karst Slovenia
The Mediterranean & the Karst in Slovenia merge the wonders of the Karst and the taste of traditional sea salt. Coastal towns show their beauty in the sun, green Istrian rural areas are home to original cuisine with olive oil and wild plants, Brda and the the Vipava Valley are home to world famous wines, while the Karst uncovers the secrets of caves which are among the most visited in Europe. This area is also home to famous white Lipizzaner horses.

Accessible tourism

Slovenia is friendly to the disabled persons according to its accessibility. In recent years, all new public buildings and other large office and tourist buildings have been built with consideration for the people with locomotor disorders.

To Whom It Is Intended?

Accessible tourism includes tourism for locomotor and sensory impaired persons, persons with intellectual and mental impairments, those who travel with children in baby carriages, elderly persons and others who find tourism less accessible due to other health reasons (diabetes, allergies, etc.).

What Can You Expect?

All public buildings and tourist facilities, which are still without an arranged access for disabled persons, generally have at least a few reserved parking spaces for disabled persons at the entrances. In these buildings, it is usually also well provided for the toilet facilities of disabled persons. Pavements, which are friendlier to the disabled persons, have been built in many Slovenian cities. There are also an increasing number of ATMs positioned at a lower height levels and those equipped with Braille for the blind and partially sighted. The disabled persons receive discounts for many tourist tours and visits, while some are even free.

Accessible tourist destinations

Slovenia has locations which are partly of fully adjusted to the needs of physically impaired persons. Certain tourist providers pride themselves on the "Disability Friendly" Certificate. These include numerous restaurants, hotels, spas and health resorts, museums and attractions. You can find some tips for trips below; most of them have been tried out and are also personally recommended by disabled people themselves.

The Slovenian capital – disabled-friendly

The main rail station in the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana, is friendly to physically impaired people. There are already many city buses with low floors and sound signals providing the names of stop along the route. Ljubljana Castle, one of the most visited Slovenian tourist attractions, is accessible by a disabled-friendly funicular. Ljubljana Zoo is also friendly to disabled people and so is the main city post office. Certain museums and galleries are also wheelchair accessible.

Find health and well-being in spas and health resorts

Slovenian natural spas and health resorts have great consideration for the disabled. Laško must be mentioned in particular, because it earned the title of the European Destination of Excellence with its planned development of accessible tourism. Thermana Laško and Rimske Terme have suitably arranged accesses for physically impaired guests. The blind and partially sighted can bring their guide dogs to the hotel, and the park with honey-bearing plants in Laško is equipped with signs in Braille. Portable induction loops are available at Thermana Laško for guests with impaired hearing. Also adjusted to the needs of physically impaired guests is Terme Dobrna, while access to the swimming pool is also possible in Terme Zreče and Rogaška Slatina.

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Best Season:Year Round
Popular Location: Bled, Ljubljana, Pomurje, Kranj, Koroska, Koper and Portorož - Piran

Vacations in Slovenia

Experience Slovenia

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