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Las Vegas is known for thrilling good times, indulgence, and giving people the chance to experience the high-life for themselves, and there is no one better suited to take you there than Travel is SWELL –Your certified Las Vegas travel consultants.

Everywhere you look, from the Las Vegas Strip to the dazzling Fremont Street Experience, there’s an incredible variety of things to see and do. Take a roller coaster ride around Manhattan skyscrapers. Trek through space at warp speed. Visit the world’s tallest Coke bottle, or the tallest observation tower in the United States. Take a chance with Lady Luck. Dine from buffet to gourmet. Swing into championship golf. Or relax beside a refreshing pool. These are just some of the many incredible experiences waiting for you in this remarkable desert playground.

Las Vegas Sights & Attractions

What to Wear in Las Vegas

T-shirts, shorts and athletic shoes are a common sight in the summer; long pants and a light jacket are recommended in winter. Advise your clients to bring along comfortable shoes for sightseeing and formal attire if they plan on fine dining or nightclubbing.

Las Vegas Weather

Las Vegas’ 320 days of sunshine a year promises great vacation weather year-round. If your clients love outdoor activities, then the Las Vegas territory will make a perfect match for them. If they’re visiting in the summer, tee times and other outdoor activities are best scheduled for the early morning when the desert air is mild and enjoyable. With an average annual rainfall of 4.13 inches (10.5 cm) and humidity around 29 percent, the climate is classified as arid.

Getting Around Las Vegas

If you’ve never been to Vegas, then you probably assume it’s a breeze to walk from one end of the Strip to the other. Well, while you could probably make the trek, we wouldn’t recommend it. Unless, of course, you’re willing to invest a whole day and some blistered toes, then go ahead. But for everyone else out there, we’ve put together a list of all your transportation options throughout the city and our recommendations for when to use these options.

Uber & Lyft

After a long debate, Las Vegas finally approved Uber and Lyft as means of transportation throughout the city. For those unfamiliar with them, they’re both forms of riding-sharing apps where drivers will pick you up in their personal car and transport you to your destination.


Varies depending on where you want to go. Uber will display price range. Lyft will not.

Recommendation: Always a great choice, but our recommendation would be to use ride sharing when you’re off the Strip, not while at a hotel property or looking to come to the Strip. Many taxis will take an extremely long amount of time to pick someone up from locations that are not at a hotel property or on the Strip.

What you need to know: Always be aware of when surge pricing is in effect as you could end up paying $100 for a trip that could have cost $30-$50. There are certain areas at hotels where Uber and Lyft can pick you up. Make sure you know the pick-up location. Also, as of now, only Lyft will pick you up at the airport.

Las Vegas Monorail

The monorail stops at seven points on the Las Vegas Strip: MGM Grand, Bally’s/Paris, Flamingo/Caesars Palace, Harrah’s/The LINQ, the Las Vegas Convention Center, Westgate and SLS Las Vegas.


A single ride is $5; a day pass is $12; and they also have two to seven-day passes with prices that range from $22-$56. If you’re a Nevada local, you can buy a single ride for $1; restrictions apply depending on how many you want to buy.

Recommendation: Great to use if you’re at or near a hotel that the monorail stops at and want to visit another hotel with a stop or near a stop. This is also a great option for anyone attending a convention at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The monorail also offers free shuttle rides at various off-the-Strip hotels. If you’re looking to go to the Strip, be sure to see if they have a shuttle at your hotel.

What you need to know: The monorail does not run all night. After a certain hour, you will need to take a different form of transportation.

The monorail offers free shuttle rides at various off-the-Strip hotels. If you’re looking to go to the Strip, be sure to see if they have a shuttle at your hotel.


Taxis are the main form of transportation used throughout Vegas. There is an abundance of them all over the city and, most likely, always a few waiting within a taxi line at a hotel during all hours of the day and night.


Varies depending on traffic and time of year. Additionally, taxis requested at the airport have an additional fee included.

Recommendation: Taxis are great to use when you want to go from property to property, to and from the airport, or if you’re just trying to get back to your house after a night at the club. There are plenty of them throughout town so you never have to worry about there not being enough drivers at a late hour.

What you need to know: As with Uber and Lyft, you cannot hail a taxi on the Strip. There are also certain areas taxis pick you up at hotels. Just look for the taxi line sign, usually near valet. If you have any concerns with a taxi driver, you can call the Nevada Taxi Cab Authority at 702-668-4005 to report any issues.

The Deuce

The Deuce is the name of Las Vegas’ form of public transportation that’s operated by the Regional Transportation Committee. While the bus runs throughout town, there are two routes you can specifically take for the Strip and Downtown. These are Deuce on the Strip, which will stop at about every property on the Strip, and SDX Strip & Downtown Express, which stops at about half the stops as the other route.

Cost: A two-hour pass is $6; a 24-hour pass is $8; and a three-day pass is $20. You can buy your ticket on the bus.

Recommendation: If you’re looking to check out the old Strip and don’t want to pay a lot and don’t mind riding a bus, this is what we recommend. It is the cheapest form of transportation from the Strip to Downtown Las Vegas/Fremont Street.

What you need to know: Unlike taxis, The Deuce will actually pick you up on the Las Vegas Strip. If you’re looking to head back to your hotel after midnight, you’ll have to catch The Deuce on the Strip as the express bus will only run until midnight.

This is also the most cost effective way to get to your hotel from the airport. The Deuce does not stop at the airport, so you’ll have to take the Route 109 bus to the South Strip Transfer Station to get on The Deuce. Access to Route 109 is located in Terminal 1.

How To Get Married In Vegas

Looking for the perfect location for your destination wedding? Look no further than the Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas! An ideal location for your destination wedding, where all of your guests will have an amazing time. From the groom and his men to your Grandma and everyone in between; Las Vegas has something for everyone. Scroll down to see how Las Vegas can be better than you’ve ever imagined.

Wedding Requirements

Neither blood tests nor waiting periods are required if you want to tie the knot. The legal age is 18 for both men and women (proof of age is required) and licensing fees are $77. Civil ceremonies can be performed at the Marriage Commissioner’s Office at 309 S. 3rd St. Chapel fees vary depending on the services provided.

Marriage License

For marriage license information visit the Clark County Marriage License Bureau or call (702) 671-0600), 201 Clark Avenue (located on the northwest corner of Clark Avenue and Third Street). Marriage License Bureau hours are 8 a.m. to midnight, including holidays.

You can get married in Vegas even if you’re not a U.S. resident. Most countries require a certified copy of your marriage certificate ($15) and an apostille from the Nevada Secretary of State ($20). Contact home country’s Consulate office located in the U.S., to inquire if additional certifications are required.

Insider Vegas Wedding Tips

There are no two ways about it; planning almost any wedding is a big deal—a vast undertaking requiring time, energy, organization, creativity, and lots and lots of patience. And that makes sense. For many people, it’s the biggest day of their lives as they set their course for the future and embark on the incredible journey of marriage. And yet it’s more than just an event packed with meaning. It’s often a huge production (no matter the size of the guest list) packed with details large and small, and often with more moving parts than a Swiss watch. Pulling off a successful wedding, while it may be a labor of love for the full-of-heart, is most definitely not a task to be undertaken by the faint-of-heart. That’s why a skilled, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and above all, professional planner is as indispensable a part of a wedding as the couple themselves.

And when it comes to planning a Vegas wedding, the need for a highly knowledgeable, professional planner becomes all the more obvious. Nowhere else has Vegas’ truly unending array of options and amenities, and navigating such a vast sea of possibilities requires an insider-knowledge base few of us mere mortals can even begin to grasp. So we decided to take up a little bit of the valuable time of several of Vegas’ busiest professional wedding planners to get a few of their stories and learn some of their own insider tips on how to ensure that your Vegas wedding is everything you want it to be, and that it goes off without a hitch. No pun intended.

Insider Tip #1: Manage your guest list!

So says Tara Federico, Designer and Planner for the Vegas area wedding and event design company, Scheme. Tara explains that Vegas wedding invitations often have a higher “yes” response rate than the typical wedding invitation (everyone loves an excuse to visit Vegas!) so it’s important to have a good grasp on the size of your party. Knowing this will help you and your planner begin to pare down the list of options to just the ones that suit your needs. And Tara should know.

Scheme has been putting together uniquely stylish weddings and events in Vegas since 2010 and has been featured in numerous industry publications. And in that time they’ve pretty much seen and done it all, from glamorous lakefront and sophisticated theater weddings to the surprise birthday/engagement/instant-wedding party they managed to pull off with just a few weeks of planning. Events like this can only happen in Vegas and only do happen with the help of creative professionals like Tara and Scheme.

Insider Tip #2: Think outside the box!

Stephanie Case of Lush Event Productions strongly recommends thinking outside the Vegas box to find your best deals without sacrificing. This can mean thinking off-season. Of course, any time of year is a good time to be here, but when the crowds get a little thinner, availability tends to go up and prices tend to go down. Stephanie also recommends thinking off The Strip. Of course we all know about the glitz and excitement of The Strip, but Vegas is also home to a myriad of venues and possibilities off The Strip as well—both nearby and farther away. Most guests will get a certain image in their heads when they think “Vegas wedding,” so why not surprise them with something off The Strip and maybe, say, out in the natural beauty of the surrounding area (Red Rock Canyons, even the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon are within range from here). Or maybe try one of Vegas’ numerous properties just off The Strip but still very nearby. Lush Event Productions is a beginning-to-end planning company offering a variety of planning packages, in-season and off-season, on The Strip and off. They are adept at suiting a wide breadth of budgetary needs and event types and reminding us why truly professional planning services are an invaluable commodity in this town.

Insider Tip #3: Use your imagination and use your time wisely!

“Have a vision, don’t be shy, and above all else, don’t be late!” is the sage advice from LV Wedding Connection’s Joni Moss. This is the voice of experience speaking, with 25 years under her belt in Vegas alone (36 in the business all together!), Joni knows what she’s talking about. “This town runs like clockwork,” she reminds us, meaning that so many venues are hosting so many events that a timeslot can become a sacred thing, and of course making the most of your allotted time is a must. So whatever else you do, BE ON TIME! And in her time, Joni has seen and organized it all, stating that as long as its legal, she and LV Wedding Connection will make it happen. I mean, hasn’t everyone pulled off a last minute, midnight on New Year’s Eve, roller coaster wedding with a Lady Gaga impersonator presiding? Joni says that every strange or unique idea has a reason behind it so don’t

Insider Tip #4: Take time to smell the flowers!

Perhaps more important than anything else is the need to take a step back and enjoy the process of planning your wedding, as much as possible. This is advice directly from Emily herself, of Weddings By Emily. Planning your wedding is much more than a major undertaking, it’s supposed to be a joyous and exciting project as well. So when all the daydreaming and details begin to overwhelm (which they often do) step back, take a deep breath and remember to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Of course having a professional planner on your side is key to being able to breath easily. Emily’s experience working with brides even over long distances has taught her the value of going all-out for her clients and taking the bulk of the worry upon herself, allowing her clients to relax and enjoy their special day—as well as all the potentially stressful days leading up to it! Emily’s focus is on fun and creating lasting relationships with her clients.

So, know your list, think outside the box, don’t be shy and have a good time—all sound, inside advice from some of Vegas’ top wedding planning authorities. With so many options and so many possibilities it’s hard to go wrong with a Vegas wedding. But if you want to be 100% certain it all goes right, follow the advice above, follow your heart, and for goodness sake, get yourself a good planner!

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