Elite Travel Consulting specializes in customized travel experiences for the discerning traveler. We understand today’s society’s hectic pace and the importance of taking a well-deserved break. We are dedicated to helping you take your well-deserved break by planning a meaningful vacation for you, your family, or your entire office staff. We are consistently recognized for our expertise, knowledge, service, and attention to detail, and our agency’s reputation is highly regarded.

Travel Consultation:

Elite Travel Consulting can assist you with:

General Consultation: 

As your consultant, we offer you complete and unbiased expert advice and knowledge to perfectly match you with the vacation you envision. We assist you in creating an unforgettable travel experience. We recommend destinations, sightseeing tours, cultural tours, and attractions for a particular area you have identified for your trip. In addition, we will share our knowledge of the area in terms of routes, accommodations, dining, sightseeing tours, and attractions. Learn More…..

Concierge Service:

Think of us as your travel consultant and concierge, because we take care of all aspects of your trip. We will design an itinerary specifically tailored to you and your needs.   Learn more…..

On-site Liaison or Concierge:

For destination weddings, groups, meetings, and incentives.   Learn more…..

Travel Planning:

For your travel arrangement, simply provide us with the framework of your trip (the days of travel) and your goals for the trip and we will plan an itinerary within your budget and specific requirements.   Learn More…..

Custom Travel Experiences:

Elite Travel Consulting’s tailor-made travel experiences are carefully crafted to deliver a personalized adventure like no other. We build extraordinary, enriching experiences curated just for you and put the best private guides at your service. The result is an experience that is more personal, more rewarding, and frankly more fun.   Learn More…..

Securing Reservations:

We make all the necessary reservations, and schedule all appointments in advance of your arrival. We will consult with you about your travel objectives, plan your itinerary, and make all arrangements for accommodations and travel. Upfront travel expenses (deposits, pre-payments, or fares) are charged to your credit card).

Your Primary Destinations:

We are capable of customizing vacation experiences in over 120 countries around the world. However, we do offer specialized experiences in destinations such as ThailandItalyDubai, and much more.

Online Registration:

We offer a customized request form to complement traditional phone and mail-in registration. We make it easy to register online, and our simple request form collects all the information you’ll need.

Thorough Communication:

Most of our communications will be by e-mail which provides you with a printed record of your requests, the consultation, and arrangements made. There is a lot of information to be processed and having it all in writing is a comfort that’ll both appreciate. If required, we will call you to confirm information, or you can call us if you have questions or want to discuss further options. If you are traveling with a group, we would like to deal with one designated person who will act as the “go bet-between consultant and the other members of your group. If you just want a consultation, we will provide you with a recommended itinerary and other information that may be important to your trip. Based on the service you require, we will determine the amount of printed documentation that will be provided. If we are providing the concierge service where we do all the bookings, a summary of email confirmations is provided with contact names and pertinent information on sights to see, dinner arrangements, and transportation when needed. Written confirmations and contact names for specific events are also provided.

Submit our request form for assistance you may call 1-888-963-8986 or 559-207-0545 for your free consultation. We are ready to answer your questions.

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