Luxury @ Night Collection

Luxury @ Night Collection – Unique Luxury Tours from a Different Perspective

While in Thailand for a travel expo, Chris Martin, our Lead Travel Designer, had the opportunity to participate in several days of pre- and post-expo tours. On his last day in  Bangkok, Chris was left with the same dilemma as anyone who had just finished a full day of activities… what to do that night? Still wanting to see what the city had to offer, he asked one of his tour operators if they could put something together that would allow him to see the city after dark. What followed exceeded anything that he could have ever imagined.

The evening began with night helicopter tour of the city, continued with dining at at the Sirocco, which is located on the 63rd floor of the State Tower, and capped at a high-end night club before finally calling it a night. It was on this night that The Luxury@Night Collection was conceived. Until this point typical tours only focused on activities and connecting with the culture during the day. Why not showcase how these same cities come to life at night?

The Luxury@Night Collection encompasses tours that focus on luxury experiences at night in some of the world’s best cities. Helicopter tours, fine dining, cultural shows, mingling with the locals and world class entertainment all define The Luxury@Night Collection. But don’t think that you will be left on your own throughout the day. Our Luxury@Night Tours simply build upon the best traditional tours to give you a complete experience of the destination.


With experiences in Thailand, India, Dubai, Morocco, Spain, and Mexico it’s no wonder that people are buzzing about all that The Luxury@Night Collection has to offer. Take a look at The Luxury@Night Collection and all of its wonderful inclusions. You can also contact us about tailoring a Luxury@Night Tour in a destination that may not be featured here. See what your luxury@Night tour includes.