Learn More About the Various Styles of Hotels Currently Available

Heritage Hotels:
Heritage Hotels are a combination of history, art and culture. They can be  monasteries, castles in Europe or Asia; manors or inns of faraway times which have been transformed with much love, sensitivity and devotion into simply divine places of outstanding hospitality.

Preserving heritage, keeping history alive, sharing cultural experiences and conserving valuable art and archaeology are the goals which have been defined by the lords of the houses and castles.  They are an important bridge from the past to the future.

Traditional & Historical Hotels:
Traditional Hotel & Historical Hotel Styles – Learn more about historical hotels and traditional

Traditional Hotels:
Traditional hotels are rich in history and tradition and have been around for decades. They are impressive, well established, moderately priced to luxury hotels with great reputation.

Traditional or Historical Hotels in the United States:

National Trust Historical Hotels of America (HHA):
National Trust Historic Hotels of America (HHA) is a program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. HHA has identified more than 220 quality hotels that have faithfully maintained their historic architecture and ambience. To be selected for this program, a hotel must be at least 50 years old, listed in or eligible for the National Register of Historic Places or recognized locally as having historic significance.

Traditional or Historical Hotels Around The World:
Traditional hotels or historical hotels represent their countries’ national cultural traditions, historic heritage and architecture. These Hotels have their own distinctive style and character, and guests will be sure to enjoy a variety of experiences when travelling from country to country and staying at our member hotels.

Tented Camp Resorts:
Tented camp resorts can be found in Africa, India, and Thailand. Tented Camps and resorts are found primarily in Africa. However they can also be found in India, United Arab Emirates and Thailand.  These camps or resorts feature basic amenities such as full beds, mosquito nettings, fans and sitting areas to luxury Tents which boasts full air conditioning, teak floors, private patios (depending on the resort), elegantly appointed bedroom with a twin, queen or king size beds, and a dressing room with walk in closet. Most luxury tents also feature a bathroom with separate shower.  Examples of these tented camps include:

  • Banyan Tree Madivaru, The Maldive

Contemporary Hotels:

Contemporary Hotel Styles – Learn more about Asia Contemporary hotels and contemporary hotels.

Contemporary Hotels:
A general hotel that integrates all the latest in styles, themes and cutting edge design to appeal to the mainstream clientele. It is a good combination of form and function.  The Kimpton Hotels are great examples of this style.

Contemporary Luxury:
A luxury hotel that integrates all the latest in styles, themes and cutting edge design to appeal to the mainstream clientele. It is a good combination of form and function.

Asia Contemporary Luxury:
A luxury hotel that integrates all the latest in Asian styles, themes and cutting edge design to appeal to the mainstream clientele. It is a good combination of form and function. The Mandarin Oriental Hotels and Shangri-La Hotels are great examples.


A resort is a place used for relaxation or recreation, attracting visitors for holidays or vacations. Resorts are places, towns or sometimes commercial establishment operated by a single company*. Such a self-contained resort attempts to provide for most of a vacationer’s wants while remaining on the premises, such as food, drink, lodging, sports, entertainment, and shopping. The term “resort” sometimes is misused to identify a hotel that does not provide the other amenities required of a full resort.

* A resort is not merely a commercial establishment operated by a single company, although recently, this sort of facility have become more common.

Luxury Resort:
A luxury resort, sometimes referred to as an exclusive resort, is a very expensive vacation facility which is fully staffed and has been rated with 4-stars and 5-stars. Luxury resorts often boast many visitor activities and attractions such as golf, watersports, spa and beauty facilities, skiing, natural ecology and tranquility. Because of the extent of amenities offered, a luxury resort is also considered a destination resort.

Ultra-Luxury Resort:
A resort that exceeds the standards set for a typical luxury resort.  These resorts maintain a 5+ or 6-star rating.

Villa-Style Resort:
A villa-style resort offers all-suite units with separate bedroom and siting areas. Some may have a separate living room area. In some cases, they may also feature private pools, semi-private pools, or plunge pools.

Various Types of Resorts:

All-Inclusive Resorts:
All-inclusive resorts are an attractive option for a truly “worry free” vacation. Most all-inclusive resorts include all meals, beverages, tips, entertainment, and activities in the price of the room. Let us help you decide if an all-inclusive is best for you. All of our all-inclusive resorts include accommodations, all meals at all restaurants, drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), land sports, nightly entertainment, hotel tax and tips. Even the transportation to & from the resort and airport is included in your up-front rate. Airfare is not included, however discount fares are available.

Adults-only Resorts & Adults-only Hotels:
Adults-only Resorts for Adult Vacations – Resorts Designed Especially for Adults-only. No Kids Allowed!!
Most adults-only resorts are well suited for couples as well as single adults, and to a certain degree, families with older teenagers. Most adults-only resorts define adults as age 18 and up; others start at 16 (which we consider adult-oriented).

Adult-oriented Resorts & Adult-oriented Hotels
Adult-oriented Resorts – Resorts that accepts children at the minimum age of 12 or maintains an adult-oriented theme.
We offer a collection adult-oriented resorts that caters to everyone yet offers adult-oriented theme. We offer adult-oriented resorts to include the Sunset Beach Resort in Montego Bay Jamaica. Sunset Beach Resort, one of our many all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica, offers three spectacular beaches. One of the three beaches cater to adults only and it is clothing optional. You can find a list of our adult-oriented resorts (right column) which are located in Mexico, Bahamas, and the Caribbean.  Adult-oriented resorts are best for singles, couples, girlfriend getaways, mother/daughter getaways, and families with older children.

Couples-only Resorts:
Couples-only are exactly that; for couples only! No Single guests and certainly no families either. Couples-only resorts offer the perfect setting for you to live out your dreams – free of worry or hassle. Couples only all-inclusive resorts are perfect settings to rekindle romance, celebrate your honeymoon or that perfect wedding, all in the setting and style of your choice.

Couples-only all-inclusive resorts almost guarantee a romantic escape. They do it by offering unlimited opportunities for togetherness, by freedom from spending stress, intimacy, and freedom of choice. Since today’s’ two-career, workaholic couples cannot seem to find romance and escape from stress anywhere else; they are lining up to buy it from Sandals and Couples Resorts.

Clothing-Optional Resorts:

To help you decide on a clothing-optional experiences, please review the following clothing-optional resort types that are available to you:

Clothing-optional Resorts:
Most beach resorts, especially in the Caribbean, have clothing optional beaches, although clothing is required in most areas of the resort. These are not the same as a nudist resort where nudity is the order of the day throughout the entire resort. Properties such as Desire Resort of Cancun, and Jamaica’s Hedonism II and Hedonism III offer clothing optional beaches.

Clothes-free Resorts:
Clothes-free resorts are similar to your clothing-optional resorts. However, clothing is not required in most areas of the resort, and nudity is mandatory on the beach and in the swimming area. Our top clothes-free resort is Hidden Beach Resort in Riviera Maya Mexico.

Topless-Optional Resorts:
Resorts with European-style Sunbathing – Hotels and resort that allows women to go topless at a designated area such as a swimming pool or a section of a beach set aside specifically for topless sunbathing.

Hotel Spa, Wellness Spas, Destination Spas & Resort Spas:

Hotel Spas, Wellness Spas & Resorts Spas – Learn more about resort spas, Wellness spas, and destination spas.

Destination Spas:
Destination spas are designed to allow guests to focus purposefully on lifestyle improvement, health enhancement, and self-renewal. Choose a Destination Spa if you seek total immersion in everything spa. Destination spas are places to go for a few days, a week, or even longer to enjoy the spa experience in the company of like-minded people.  Destination spas are best for those seeking change in lifestyles or lifestyle management.

Resort Spas:
Spas in resort or hotel settings. Resort spas are perfect if you want to combine a wide variety of recreational activities with a renewing spa experience. At these vacation resorts, spa treatments and services complement such activities as golf, tennis, horseback riding, skiing, and water sports. Healthful spa cuisine is on the menu alongside traditional fare, and alcohol is available. Resort spas are best for individuals seeking rest, relaxation, supreme pampering and a great stress break.

Medical Spas or Wellness Spas:
Medical / wellness spas emphasizes wellness and preventive healthcare or cosmetic and aesthetic procedures. Choose a Medical Spa if you are interested in healthcare in a spa setting, either at a day spa or at a spa with overnight accommodations. Medical spas offer traditional and complementary medical services supervised or administered by medical professionals. The spa’s specialty may be diagnostic testing, preventive care, cosmetic procedures, or a combination of these.  Wellness / medical spas are best for those seeking medical assistance, preventive care and lifestyle management.



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