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Think you know Florida? Think again. This close-to-home destination is always turning up new thrills and unearthing hidden places to call paradise. With a variety of Florida vacation packages, there’s only one question – where do you want to travel?


Find paradise close to home.
Yes, we know, you already know about the theme parks and stellar weather. And sure, those are darn good reasons to visit Florida. But a trip to the Sunshine State has more to offer than you’ve probably considered. Florida is a hot spot for ecotourism, boutique shopping, and vibrant cultural experiences. Foodie? You’ll want to spend your entire (short) flight bracing your taste buds for maximum stimulation. Family, bachelor or a bachelorette party? A Florida retreat will ensure that your whole crew is tuckered out by bedtime (whatever time that may be).


Situated in the heart of Florida, Orlando is abuzz with activity and entertainment. Of course, Walt Disney World® and Universal Studios® tend to be the star attractions – and for good reason – but we promise, there are plenty of other reasons Orlando should be on your must-visit list (and they don’t all include special effects or animatronics.) Here are just a few of our favorite ways to make the most of your stay.


Greater Tampa Area (Tampa / St Pete / Clearwater)
Beach bums and culture cravers: Prepare for relocation. Seriously, wave goodbye to the neighbors because, odds are, you’ll never want to leave the Greater Tampa Area. Cozy cities rich in culture, pulsing with vibrant nightlife and professional sporting events – ahh, yes, the Greater Tampa Area has the best of everything. Treat your toes to the sand of a different beach each day and indulge in a new entertainment option every night.


South Florida
Whether you’re in search of sun and sand or tropical wetlands, you’ll find paradise in the diverse regions of South Florida. The lower your latitude, the more diverse your Florida vacation options. Southern Florida is dotted with laid-back beach towns and lively city centers. Outdoor enthusiasts will be extra enthused when they find out about the impressive list of opportunities to get their fill of sun, sand and tropics. With plenty of southern Florida flight options from all over the country, getting there is easy. The hard part is narrowing down your destination.


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