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Experience a diverse collection of engaging properties all over the world. Expect comfortable, stylish accommodations. Diverse dining. Friendly service. Upscale amenities like pools and fitness centers. An independent allure — and so much more. Welcome to Lifestyle Hotels!

What is a lifestyle hotel?

A hotel that combines the contemporary and often quirky design of a boutique hotel with the branding power and consistency of a chain. Lifestyle hotels are typically marketed to millennials by major hotel chains and usually offer amenities that encourage guests to socialize with one another.

Our lifestyle hotel represents a strong sense of place or a place to gather. After all, lifestyle’s dictionary meaning pertains to the ways in which a person or group lives. It also epitomizes our surroundings as an important influence on our behavior or livelihoods.

Coming in 2020 - World's Leading Lifestyle

The World’s Leading Lifestyle is designed for guests looking for authenticity, community and local experiences coupled with features like innovative design, good connectivity and convenient locations. The World’s Leading Lifestyle will feature only the finest and most diverse portfolio of lifestyle hotel and resort experiences affording you with the ability to create engaging stays and memorable moments.  The World's Leading Lifestyle site is set to launch in November 2020.

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Best Seasons:Year-Round
Popular Location:Worldwide

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