Safari Lodges

Safari Lodges

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Safari Lodges:
You will find Safari Lodges in a variety of categories ranging from basic three star accommodations to the most luxurious five star structures. Safari lodges are fully permanent accommodation built out of stone, wood, thatch, bricks, mortar or a combination of all. Safari Lodges are designed to blend well into the African bush and contour the natural landscape, offering great views and similar amenities found in any hotel in the world. These are the most typical types of safari accommodation in South Africa, Kenya, Namibia and Botswana.

You will most likely find air conditioning, a small library, a pool, a spa, laundry service, exquisite cuisine and excellent service. Safari lodges vary dramatically in size and style but are generally bigger than the mobile camps and permanent tented lodges. As these structures are permanent in location, be sure to ensure that your choice has good year-round game viewing.

Permanent Tented Lodges:
As the name suggests, these are non-movable permanent structures built on a concrete or wooden bases with canvas tent sides. Permanent tented lodges combine the secluded, intimate atmosphere of tented lodging with the modern convenience of a safari lodge.

Permanent tented lodges offer breathtaking vistas of the surroundings in a tranquil and serene environment – this is sensory overload! They generally offer private decks overlooking the bush, large sleeping areas, separate bathroom and showers with hot and cold running water and electricity. Public areas typically include a bar, lounge, dining areas, viewing decks, usually a pool, and a curio shop. Some will have Internet, a/c, and a private plunge pool. This luxurious and comfortable option is not roughing it in any way, and camps are generally more expensive than lodges.

Mobile Tented and Seasonal Camps:
For those that are a little more adventurous, Tanzania and Botswana has a number of fantastic seasonal and mobile tented camps from which to choose. The non-permanent, luxury tents are reminiscent of Ernest Hemingway’s East Africa adventures and allow you to be fully immersed in nature. Mobile tented camps are often erected for three to six month periods following the great migration and other wildlife movements, putting you in the best locations for game viewing.

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Best Seasons:Year-Round
Popular Location:South Africa, Kenya, Namibia, Mozambique, Tanzania and Botswana

Safari Lodges

Safari Lodges and Camps