Autism-friendly Guided Tours

Autism-friendly Guided Tours

At the heart of every autism-friendly guided tour is the thrill to experience something new for you and your family. Whether you immerse yourself in the exotic tours in Africa, and South America, or book insightful autism-friendly tour in Madrid and Barcelona—every autism-friendly tour package comes with the expert knowledge of a Travel Concierge, a Behavior Specialist and a Professional Guide who takes care of the finer details of every destination and adventure you choose.

Autism-friendly Tour - The Elite Travel Consulting Way

Visit one or more cities with our exclusive tour packages. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Your very own Travel Concierge to prep you pre-departure, and even make tour and dinner reservations for your trip.
  • A Certified Autism Specialist or Behavior Specialist to help guide your family along the way.
  • Professional Tour Guide: An expert local guide with finger-on-the pulse knowledge of your destinations.
  • 24/7 Emergency Access, should you ever need it.
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Best Seasons:Spring and Summer
Popular Location:Alaska, Florida, Arizona, California Colorado, Utah, Mexico, Caribbean, Europe and Africa

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