Autism-Friendly Travel Experiences

Explore Travel Experiences by Type.  Finding the travel style that is right for you is an essential part of designing the perfect vacation. To ignite your imagination and highlight exciting experiences you may not have considered, we’ve created a variety of travel styles that will make planning more fun. Browse below at the range of possibilities and then contact our experts – we’ll combine your style with the perfect destination, a tailored mix of activities and experiences and a pace that is just right for you.

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Arts and Travel with Elite Travel Consulting – We offer exclusive, tailor-made Arts travel programs designed specifically for individuals and families impacted by autism.


Taking a vacation together as a family can be challenging. We created Senzorna to provide families and individuals with easy access to some of the finest attractions that are trained to accommodate your specific needs.

Autism-Friendly Cruises

Elite Travel Consulting offers a number of cruise vacation experiences that will enrich the lives of children, teenagers and adults impacted by autism and similar disabilities by affording them the experience of a cruise vacation to be taken either by themselves, a group or family members.

Autism-Friendly Cultural Tours

Elite Travel Consulting designs custom travel itineraries for individuals and families impacted by autism. We offer autism-friendly cultural tours to Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Autism-Friendly Destinations

The World’s Best Travel Destinations Served by Elite Travel Consulting offering only the best autism-friendly vacation destinations to choose from.

Autism-Friendly Guided Tours

Planning a family trip to Latin America, Africa, Asia or Europe? You’re in luck because not only do we love kids, but we have designed some of the the best autism-friendly and family-friendly tours to these destinations.

Autism-Friendly Hotels

Vacation time is family time! Bring everyone along when you book a, Autism-friendly hotel with Elite Travel Consulting. Our Hotels offer something special for everyone, like dining that will appeal to the whole family’s taste buds and entertainment the entire family can enjoy.

Autism-Friendly Resorts

Elite Travel Consulting gives you one of the widest selections of family-friendly resort currently available including both independent and major resort brands as well as self-catering in over hundreds of thousands properties which are suitable for families.

Autism-Friendly Vacations

Incredible Vacation Experiences Just for You! We invite you to browse our site and book your autism-friendly vacation package today. Search for autism-friendly all-inclusive vacations,  cruises, hotel stays or one of our preferred attractions.


The urge to collect things of beauty and significance goes deep into history. Museums not only exhibit but also safeguard these art objects for future generations.

Parks And Nature

We believe travel to our planet’s wild places is like medicine for the soul. If you’ve stood on the lip of the Grand Canyon and felt goose bumps crawl up your arms, or drifted over Alaska’s mammoth glaciers and caught your heart in your throat, you’ll know what we mean.

Theme Parks

Theme parks are known for their thrilling drop towers, exhilarating roller coasters, exceptional shows and breathtaking attractions. For anyone who loves to visit theme parks, it is good news to know that they are only getting bigger, better and even more exciting. New technology is making roller coasters faster, taller, scarier and smarter.

Dude Ranch

Dude Ranch Vacations offer many outdoor adventures such as horseback riding, fly-fishing, hiking, mountain climbing, swimming, mountain biking, cattle drives, horse drives and working ranch experiences.

Family Vacations

You’ll agree, family vacations last much longer than the trip. Some moments are captured and framed, while others resurface as stories that are shared over and over again. Which makes planning that perfect getaway with the kids so worth it.

Learning Centers

Explore our Autism Certified educational institutions dedicated to creating new generations of lifelong learners through museum experiences, after-school programming and camps. Helping shape a new generation of people who love to learn is at the core of all we do.

Sailing Vacations

Sailing Vacations are perfect getaways for families impacted by Autism. We offer 15 sensational sailing destinations around the world. We offer fully-chartered yachts that you can enjoy while your skipper takes the helm.

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