Wellness Philosophy

Our wellness vacations and spa vacations are planned with intent, and it strives to maintain, promote or kick-start a healthful lifestyle.  Our wellness vacations include spa treatments, healthy eating, and culinary events and activities that involve physical participation (hiking, walking, paddling, yoga, and many others).

What is the difference between health and well-being?

What is the difference between health and well-being?
In understanding the difference between health and wellness, in short, health is a state of being, whereas wellness is the state of living a healthy lifestyle. Health refers to physical, mental, and social well-being; wellness aims to enhance well-being. … It can affect physical, mental, and social well-being.

What does well-being mean to you?
You may associate lots of different feelings, states, behaviors, and activities with the term well-being. You may think of positive well-being as being physically and mentally well. It may mean to you a sense of calm and contentment.

What is the difference between wellness and well-being?
The difference between wellness and wellbeing. Wellness and well-being are not the same things. Well-being refers to a more holistic whole-of-life experience, whereas wellness refers just to physical health.

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