Why Consider a Spa Vacation?

Facing the challenges of everyday life while keeping a healthy body and mind isn’t easy. A spa vacation, provided it is well adapted to your needs, can be an ideal remedy that will yield long-lasting results. Spas are where the cruise industry was fifteen years ago, according to predictions from The International Spa and Fitness Association (I/SPA). As it adapts to new societal trends, the spa industry promises to become one of the fastest growing segments of the travel industry as we enter the 21st century.

Growing Popularity

The number of spas in the United States has grown from 30 in 1978 to thousands, showing that spa vacations are increasingly popular among travelers.

Health and Fitness Trend

The success of spa vacations is linked to a growing awareness about health, especially among the aging baby boomers that want to stay fit, young, attractive, and often have the income to do it. More people are also becoming aware that the answer to a healthier self is based on a long-term commitment to exercise, a low-fat diet and stress reduction. In that context, spas have become wellness centers that educate people on achieving healthy goals.

More Men Getting Hooked

As fitness programs and outdoor activities take up a greater share of the spa experience, more men (about 20 percent at destination spas) are booking spa vacations.

New Aspirations

As we enter the post-industrial era, many people feel the need to turn away from consumerism and seek spiritual fulfillment. The spa industry has picked up on that trend, offering meditation and yoga classes, spiritual awareness workshops and serene settings favorable to introspection.

More SPAS to choose from

Not only have spas gained in popularity, they now offer more diversity. The spa industry is moving towards providing the spa experience in different settings. I/SPA predicts a big growth not only in destination spas, but also in resort spas, spas at hotels, day spas in urban centers, and cruise spas.

Beyond The rich and famous

In terms of pricing, spa vacations are still perceived as upscale and costly, but this is somewhat of a myth. On the surface, most spas appear pricey. If one thinks of it as a room rate, it seems expensive, but in reality, spa packages are all inclusive. In fact, per person rates for a complete spa program can range from as much as $840 per night to as little as $72 per night, meals included.

Tips to Consider:

We’ve provided several tips to consider when planning your spa vacation.

Know What You Want
What is your definition of a spa vacation? Are you looking for beauty treatments and elegant surroundings or fitness classes and a restful location? Do you prefer co-ed, all women, and all couples?

Define Your Goals
Are you trying to kick away unhealthy habits and improve your lifestyle? Would you prefer a luscious spa resort to a strictly regimented destination spa?

Set a Budget
Be aware of your limitations and try to match your expectations to your wallet. Keep in mind that there are spas for virtually any budget.

Define Your Fitness Level
What kind of fitness classes do you like? What’s your favorite sport? Ask about special fitness events.

Analyze the Reasons Why You Want to Go to a Spa
Are you going through some fundamental life changes? Are you trying to heal after a death, a divorce or some other trauma? Are you trying to socialize?

Decide on a Location
Would you prefer an urban or a rural atmosphere? Is easy access an important factor? Do you enjoy the wilderness?

Find Out What Each Spa Has to Offer
How many treatment rooms are available? How many fitness machines? How many and what kind of accommodations? What is their field of expertise? What kind of programs and treatments are available?

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