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Like everyone else, your time is extremely valuable, and researching takes T-I-M-E.     Surely, you take a night or two, or more, going on various sites and comparing great dates, smart deals and secure destinations and locations. Add the exhaustion of computer eyes gone dry with a mental breaking point after noticing you lost the windows of some opportunities due to dire research; now you need a vacation to recover from planning your vacation. Or, like a travel aficionado, you choose to be guided by a travel professional who can help answer all your questions and offer guidance.   This is where we come in to play.

You see, we’re not just a click away. We are an active support system in all of our exotic locations. Which means, you don’t just click, reserve and hope your dreams of vacationing aren’t interrupted. Instead, we’re there with you – before, during and after your trip.

Countless many traveled with Elite Travel Consulting and its parent company Elite Travel Consulting, Inc., so we know a thing or two when it comes to traveling the smart and savvy way. You can appreciate experimentation when it comes to culinary arts, but not when it comes to traveling. We can all agree that traveling with expert knowledge is vital, especially these days. So who else should help you plan you next dream vacation or romantic getaway? The experts of course, Oh, did you know that we have personally visited almost all locations listed within Elite Travel Consultings resorts and destinations collection pages?

Taking care of business, we continually place ourselves in your shoes, or flip-flops. In fact,we’re all consumers just like you. We too want to understand printed prices and the process of vacation planning. We all want to stay for a few days [or months for that matter]. We all want to know if we need to rent a scooter, or if its best to to set out on a beach and crawl according to the nature of the island.

We want to take you to places where where simple pleasures and old rhythms seem to slow the world’s very rotation, and where stillness speaks volumes. We want to guide your windward journey, if you haven’t identified your honeymoon heaven yet, we want to fly you there. Most of all, we want to partner with you as your  personal tutor, and provide you with the most relevant tools, tips and trade secrets that will make you well informed.  Thank you!!

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Please give us a call at 1-888-963-8986 if you have any questions pertaining to your romance experience.  We also invite you to call one of our travel advisors for assistance.