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Travel Wish List

Your Wishlist

Your Travel Wish List!

When it comes to the shopping process your Wishlist plays a big role; so lets ask the right questions. Are you thinking a romantic, singles or perhaps an adventurous vacation? How much do you want to spend, what is your level of comfort and most of all, how can you be sure you’re getting the best deal? Perhaps you’re even wondering what is really included in and all-inclusive package?

The team at Elite Travel Consulting is composed of consumers, just like you. When it comes to vacationing, we believe you should always stay in a place that is at least as nice as where you live. Let’s get reasons to get you off of that sofa; for example what about a Jacuzzi for for two, or more? Are you willing to go super luxe with butler service for the goo-goo-eyed honeymooners?

Do you prefer contemporary, Caribbean classic or traditional décor? What about double- or four-poster beds, with tropical ceiling fans? In other words, at Elite Travel Consulting we walk you the shopping process because we insist: we are more then just a click away.

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